Trailer: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super and the upcoming Broly movie is part of the popular Japanese animated TV show, Dragon Ball. DBS is also the direct sequel to the Dragon Ball Z story, while the Broly movie should take place right after the DBS animated series. The entire series revolves around the adventures of Son Goku, who is an alien that is raised on earth. In his adventures, we learn that Son Goku’s goal is to become the strongest martial artist in the entire universe.

Trailer: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie appears to focus on the backstory of Goku and many of the other known characters in the series. From what we can tell, it is a retelling of Goku’s past and reintroduction of many iconic characters from the series.

Trailer: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

We can see Frieza, one of Dragon ball’s most iconic villains, appear in the film. If you don’t know who Frieza is, he is the evil emperor or ruler of Universe 7. In fact, Frieza’s actions actually caused Goku’s escape to Earth.

Trailer: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

We can also see the Ginyu Force, an elite team of warriors under Frieza’s control, appear in the film. Based on what we can see on the trailer, the Ginyu force took part in the invasion of Goku’s home planet.Trailer: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

A dragon ball movie wouldn’t be complete, if we don’t get to see Vegeta. For those not familiar with the series, Vegeta is actually the prince of Planet Vegeta, which is also Goku’s home planet. In the Dragon Ball Universe, Goku and Vegeta are actually rivals to one another. The two would constantly compete as to who is much stronger. The trailer would also tell us that Vegeta and Goku are the same age.

Trailer: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

We finally get to see a glimpse of Broly, who is the primary focus of the film. Broly’s first appearance was in the film, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly’s original look had a more wimpy and restrained look compared to the new one. As far as we can see, the new one looks more intense and even more aggressive. In the original film, Broly had a timid and meek personality until he transforms and goes berserk. The new Broly may look different, but we’re very excited to see him in action once the film releases. The movie will be released on December 14, 2018 in Japan and January 16, 2019 in Worldwide.

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