When we think about martial arts movies, we often think about the Karate Kid.

If you’re not into the Karate Kid, then you might imagine movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or City Hunter.

Now, Nicolas Cage and Tony Jaa surprises us with a trailer of their latest movie which is called Jiu Jitsu.

The movie itself looks promising and it delivers a lot of martial arts action goodness.

If you love these types of films, you’re definitely going to be excited in watching this movie.

It’s definitely nice that you can find a lot of martial arts in the movie since the title of the movie is called Jiu Jitsu.

From what we can tell based on the trailer, it seems like an alien warrior is visiting earth and he wants to fight the strongest Jiu Jitsu fighter on the planet.

The plot is somewhat similar to the Predator film series, but it seems like the focus on this movie is action rather than horror.

In any case, it isn’t the craziest plot in a movie that we’ve ever seen and it’s more than enough to keep us entertained.

If these brave warriors lose, then this would be the end for humanity as we all know it. We just hope that Nicolas Cage is more than strong enough to defeat an alien warrior.

Jiu Jitsu will be released to the world on November 20, 2020. We can’t wait to watch this film.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below: