Trailer: Jumanji - The Next Level

It's every gamer's dream to be able to test their abilities inside a video game.

The 2017 Jumanji film allowed us to see what it was like to be stuck inside a video game.

We got to admit that it was quite entertaining and even interesting.

Now, there's a sequel to the 2017 film and it's definitely bigger than before.

The trailer starts with someone finding the Jumanji cartridge.

Since the cartridge is broken, someone has to repair it, right?

Well, the cartridge does get fixed and it's even working in tip top condition.

Of course, everybody wants to play it since it is now working.

The Jumanji sequel shows us the same group of players from the previous movie.

Of course, the group members are a bit older compared to before and they're going to enter the game once again.

It's definitely going to be interesting to see Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black play completely different personalities.

After all, the characters in the game are going to be controlled by different players. We're definitely going to see strange and funny moments.

Trailer: Jumanji - The Next Level

If you guys are interested in watching the trailer, you can check it out through the link below:



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