Trailer: No Time To Die

It's been a few years since we've last seen a James Bond film.
We've even started to think that a new film might not happen any time soon.
Fortunately, a trailer for the new James Bond film appeared out of nowhere and it surprised us.

Daniel Craig will still play as James Bond in this upcoming film and he has new companions this time around.
A female partner might not be so bad for Mr.Bond. After all, James Bond is considered to be a very suave spy.
We're also thinking that James Bond might have a new love interest with his new partner.
However, love in the spy world doesn't always end up well and it might lead to more heart aches.

In every James Bond film, we always get to see the new villain. In this case, the villain seems to like wearing masks.
From the looks of it, the mask seems to be the villain's symbol or his signature look.
He does look quite menacing while wearing that mask and we wouldn't want to fight him in any other situation.
In any case, James Bond will figure out something when he fights the bad guy.

In every Bond film, we always see the iconic James Bond barrel sequence.
It's no different in this upcoming film and it even looks amazing.
No Time To Die looks incredibly promising and it should be Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond.
The movie will be released in cinemas on April 2020.

For the full trailer, click on the link below:



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