Trailer: SCOOB!

There are many cartoon characters that many adults remember and Scooby-Doo is probably one of them.
In fact, there are still new cartoons and movies about Scooby-Doo since he is an iconic cartoon character.
Now, Warner Brothers decided to make a 3D animated Scooby-Doo film and it looks amazing.
Here's a break down of the new movie trailer:

Since this is an animated movie, it would be appropriate for Scooby-Doo and Shaggy to be in a movie theater.
As you guys can see, the animation looks pretty good and the art style definitely makes it attractive.
We even get to see that Scooby-Doo charm that we are very familiar with by now.
It definitely looks like something that both the young and old can enjoy together.

As for the story, it looks like the movie focuses on the origins of Scooby and Shaggy.
We never did see how the duo met and this is probably the first time that we see this happen.
It's also pretty nice to see a young Shaggy and Scooby immediately bond with each other.
If we were to describe it, it's like meeting a long family member for the first time.

A Scooby-Doo movie wouldn't be complete without the rest of the gang members.
If you guys were worried that you wouldn't see the rest of the members of the Mystery Inc., you should put those worries to rest.
We will definitely get to see Velma Dinkley, Fred Jones, and Daphne Blake. In fact, we even get to see their child and adult forms in the movie.
The gang looks incredibly adorable in their Halloween costumes and we can't wait to watch them soon!

SCOOB! will be out in cinemas on the Summer of 2020.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below:



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