Spider-Man: Far From Home is the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. It features Tom Holland as Peter Park and Spider-Man.

After the events of Homecoming, life for Peter Parker should be back to normal right? Unfortunately, the life of a Superhero is never that simple.

Of course, if nothing exciting happens to Peter Parker, it would be a pretty normal looking superhero movie.

As it turns out, Peter Parker has to go on a school field trip. Where exactly? Europe!

Now, it would probably be easy for most of us to pack our stuff in a suitcase but this is Spider-Man we’re talking about.

Peter Parker has to decide if he needs to bring his spider suit on this trip. However, he really can’t make that decision easily.

Ultimately, Peter Parker decides to leave the suit and he hopes that Europe wouldn’t need the help of Spider-Man.

Although Peter Parker wanted to enjoy his school field trip in peace, trouble would always come knocking on his door step.

Good thing we get to see Samuel L. Jackson play as Nick Fury again. We really miss Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You guys might be wondering why Nick Fury is looking for Spider-Man. Well, Nick Fury has his sources and  he probably knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Great! How on earth is Peter Parker going to do superhero work without his suit? Nick Fury probably brought a new suit with him when he went to Europe.

After all, Nick Fury has a lot of resources at his disposal so he probably got a shiny new suit for Peter Parker.

Wait a minute, who is that? Who is Jake Gyllenhaal playing exactly?

At first glance, we weren’t really sure who he’s playing in the upcoming movie.

However, when we saw the iconic helmet and the powers, we knew right there and then that it was Mysterio.

Originally, Mysterio is an iconic villain of Spider-Man but in this trailer we aren’t really sure if Mysterio is a Friend or an enemy.

Well, the only way to find out is to watch the movie when it comes out later this year.

You can watch the full trailer below: