Superhero shows and even movies are always fun to watch since there millions of fans all over the world.

Recently, Superman is getting a new TV show from the creators of the Flash and it gives us a peak at what Superman’s life is like.

We’ve had a Superman TV show that’s set in Clark Kent’s teenage years, but this one takes place when Clark Kent and Lois Lane are married.

As the title suggests, the story is going to be about the life of Superman and Lois Lane.

In fact, we can see in the trailer that Superman married Lois who is the love of his life and things aren’t as perfect as they seem.

The couple have their fair share of problems with their kids and also their day to day lives.

Clark Kent probably has a lot going through his mind since he has to solve superhero problems as Superman and fix problems at home as Clark Kent.

Luckily, Lois Lane probably knows about Clark’s secret identity and she’s doing her best to support him.

It must be difficult for Lois to be married to Superman since she could be in danger at any given time.

After all, Superman has a lot of enemies and those enemies will do everything to destroy him.

It’s heavily implied in the trailer that Superman and Lois might have kids, so there’s another thing that the two have to worry about.

As you guys might expect, the show will contain a lot of drama but it’s probably worth watching if you’re a big Superman fan.

Superman & Lois will premiere on the CW on February 23, 2021. The TV show will be a 2-hour long episode.

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