Imagine yourself minding your own business when you suddenly get kidnapped by someone.

You’re knocked out and transported to a place that you don’t even recognize.

When you wake up, you see other people who are just as confused as you.

Later on, you realize that you’re in the worst possible place at the worst possible time.

Well, The Hunt is similar to that and we get a pretty good idea about the movie based on the trailer.

As we mentioned earlier, a group of people are kidnapped and transported to some unknown place.

Of course, they’re complete strangers to each other and all sorts of emotions pop out.

Surprisingly, they’re wearing a gag mouthpiece which prevents them from speaking or screaming.

The kidnappers sure thought of everything, but why kidnap these people?

We soon see two figures pop out and they seem to be armed.

Oh no! that doesn’t look good and our warning signs are ringing really hard.

We would definitely run for our lives since these two figures are not here to help.

Unfortunately, no one would imagine themselves getting attack, so everyone will definitely not suspect a thing.

When the kidnapped people realize what’s going on, they eventually arm themselves and fight back.

It might be a little too late but at least they have a fighting chance at surviving.

Of course, we can’t really say that this movie is a horror film since there’s more action that’s shown in the trailer.

In any case, the concept of the movie is interesting and we would definitely like to watch it.

If you want to check out the full trailer, click on the link below: