The Secret Life of Pets was an animated movie that showed us what pets would do when there weren’t any humans.

The movie had many fun and memorable characters but Snowball is probably one of our favorites.

Who wouldn’t love Snowball? After all, he is an adorably cute little rabbit.

Come on! Just take a quick look at his little tail. it’s so fluffy and cute.

Awww! Snowball looks adorable in his super hero outfit.

The cape makes him look suave and even dashing.

We’re beginning to wonder if the world needs more superheroes like Snowball.

It would seem that Max has a few tips for Snowball but Snowball doesn’t seem very interested.

After all, superheroes have to save the day and Max is just being a huge distraction.

We still love the superhero outfit and how adorable Snowball looks.

You can watch the full trailer below: