It’s been 30 years since Road Dahl’s The Witches was adapted into a movie. Recently, Warner Bros decided to do a reimagining of the timeless classic that haunted kids many years ago.

Of course, we can’t really say that the movie looks promising but it did get us curious.

Since this is a reimagining of the classic movie adaptation, its expected that we see a new cast for the evil witches.

We’re not really sure if Anne Hathaway would have been a great choice as the grand high witch.

We hope that Anne Hathaway does a splendid performance like Angelica Houston since a lot of people really loved Angelica Houston’s performance.

The film’s trailer doesn’t really leave us with the impression that this is a very scary movie.

In the 1990 film adaptation, the tone of the movie was quite scary and terrifying for the kids.

However, the trailer doesn’t really seem to give us that impression. In fact, the new movie might take a different approach since the director is different.

We’re definitely going to see a lot of animation in this movie since the kids will transform into mice.

You can definitely expect these mice to be talking to each other and that’s definitely going to take a lot of work.

Road Dahl’s The Witches will be released on October 22, 2020. You can watch the movie on HBO Max.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below: