Trailer: TOM & JERRY(2021)

Tom & Jerry are the most iconic cartoon duo that we have ever known. A lot of people probably grew up watching the antics of the cat and mouse which tends to get really crazy.

It isn't strange then that Tom & Jerry will be getting a whole new movie by next year and its definitely a crazy ride.

The movie isn't going to be fully animated, but it will combine actors and cartoon animation.

As we can all see, Tom and Jerry are both fully animated characters in the film. However, the other characters in the film and the surroundings seems to be real.

The combination of real life elements and cartoon animation seems to be inspired by films such as Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

As for the story, it seems like Tom and Jerry are looking for a new place to stay. However, the two end up getting separated from each.

Fortunately, Jerry seems to have found a new home at a fancy hotel. However, it looks like management isn't very happy to have a mouse as one of their guests.

We can understand that the hotel management doesn't want a mouse to live in their beautiful hotel since it would terrify many of the hotel guests.

Unfortunately for the hotel staff, Jerry doesn't really care and he seems to love living inside his new home.

Since Jerry won't leave the hotel, the staff decided to call in an expert mouse exterminator.

It seems like the hotel staff members managed to call Tom and he's been hired to get rid of Jerry.

The duo somehow manages to return together despite being separated and they're definitely going to make a huge mess in that hotel.

Tom & Jerry will be released in cinemas by 2021 and we're excited to watch them do their crazy antics.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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