Trailer: Train To Busan Peninsula

A zombie outbreak isn't likely going to happen since it's a work of Science-Fiction, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy these movies while we're at our homes.
Train to Busan is precisely the movie that we should watch since a sequel is going to be released within the year and this movie left us terrified.
While we can't remember  much about Train to Busan, we did have a blast watching it for the first time.
The Sequel, Peninsula, released a trailer and it showed us what we can expect from the movie.

Peninsula seems to be a more action-oriented film compared to Train to Busan but that isn't a bad thing.
Since the characters here are different from the original film, you don't really need to watch Train to Busan in order to understand the movie.
Of course, the movie has its own uniqueness and the tone will probably be different compared to Train to Busan.

The only link between Train to Busan and Peninsula is the world that they share and this definitely expands the movie lore of both films.
We're definitely going to see different zombies, factions, groups and a whole lot of shooting in this film.
In any apocalyptic event, survival is definitely the priority for everyone that's put in this unusual situation.

Of course, there will always be some groups that have other priorities and they will always try to find some form of entertainment.
In this case, it seems like a group of survivors are captured for sport and entertainment. What does this mean?
Well, the survivors are probably going to fight each other for blood sport and it's gonna attract a lot of zombies.
The idea is interesting and we're interested to know more about the human baddies in this movie.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below:



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