Video: The 90 Year Old Gamer Grandma

When we think of the elderly, we imagine them to have many hobbies in their free time.
You would probably see them play chess, watch tv shows and movies.
However, you probably wouldn't be able to imagine them playing very difficult video games.
Well, the Guinness World Record finally found the oldest gamer in the world and she lives in Japan.

It's quite unusual to see the elderly play complicated games, but that doesn't stop Hamako Mori from trying to play action games.
Honestly, we would be happy if our grandparents could play video games with us since they could easily relate to the stuff that we like.
It's already amazing that Hamako Mori is able to play and stream games over the internet. It's even more impressive to see her play like any other gamer in the world.

Hamako Mori doesn't have rigid or slow movements when she uses the control, but her hands seem comfortable and even natural.
We think she's already used to the controller since she has been playing video games for over 39 years and that probably helped a lot.
If you teach an elderly person to play video games for the first time, they will definitely have trouble learning the controls.
Honestly, it's already amazing to see someone like Hamako Mori enjoy and play video games since many gamers are incredibly young these days.

Like many gamers, Hamako Mori most likely played Super Mario and she probably played a lot of it.
If there's anything that you can find in a gamers house, it's going to be a collection of game console and video games.
We're definitely convinced that miss Mori has a ton of video game experience under her belt.

Congratulations to miss Mori for winning a Guinness World Record award and we hope that she continues to enjoy playing video games.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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