Video: 900 Page Dot Flip Book

We probably made a lot of doodles when we were young and we probably made a little flip book during that time.
Heck, you probably made a little doodle animation in one of your school notebooks or something.
At one point, you probably thought that you could become a cartoon animator in the future or at least something similar.
Well, someone decided to make flip book animations for fun on YouTube and he made a 900 page flip book for it. Did we forget to mention that the characters are all dots?

Since the characters in the animation are all dots, it's probably best to make them as round as possible.
Andymation, Youtuber, decided to cut the tips of his pen in order to get that nice round dot shape.
We really don't recommend the rest of you guys do this since he has replacements brush tips for his pens.
If you have a similar pen, you can probably do this but it would definitely be a waste of a perfectly good brush tip.

A thicker tip definitely helped with fleshing out the dots on the paper. We can definitely see that the dots are a lot rounder compared to before.
While dots are quite easy to draw, the challenge lies in trying to animate the dot to move around the picture frame.
You can say that there are some ups and down to this challenge and it's definitely not as simple as you might think.

After several hours of drawing, Andymation finally managed to finish the flip book and it's 900 pages tall.
The animation definitely looks incredible even though it's only made out of dots.
If you have the free time, you can make your own flipbook and do some simple animation yourself.
We guarantee you that you will have a lot of fun making some flip book animations.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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