We all love our pets right? How much money are you willing to spend for your pets? Well, if you were this man, he would be more than willing to spend a lot for his beloved dog.

Meet Mr. Zhou, the man who built a mansion for his dog. You would think that Mr. Zhou is spending too much money just for the sake of his dog. Although, we normally would spend things to keep our pets happy but a mansion is too much, right? Well, his decision wasn’t done out of a  whim.

Before Mr. Zhou adopted Sylar, he had a terrible childhood and his life was incredibly difficult. When Mr. Zhou decided to raise a dog, he had no experience or any idea on how to raise it. After reading up on tips and trying them out, Mr. Zhou began to treat Sylar like his own child. As a result of raising Sylar, Mr. Zhou decided to fix up on his old habits and tried to live a better lifestyle.

So, Mr. Zhou decided to open an online shop selling pet accessories and pet food in order to give a better life for Sylar. After raising a lot of money, Mr. Zhou began constructing a huge mansion in the outskirts of Beijing. Although the mansion is quite big for a single dog, Mr. Zhou has opened the mansion to the public. Now, everyone, especially those who have pets, can use the facilities inside the mansion.

We are amazed at Mr. Zhou’s passion and love toward his dog, Sylar. We hope you guys are interested to learn more about these two.

See the full video below: