Pixar makes a lot of animated films and many of us grew up watching them.
We know all the characters in every Pixar film and many of them are quite memorable.
However, we always wondered what it was like to be inside Pixar Studios.
Luckily, Pixar quenched our curiosity and decided to record a video of their everyday activities.

Inside the studio, we get to see statues of several animated characters from the studio.
In this case, we get to see Luigi and Guido from Cars. These two guys are quite the duo in our opinion.
Of course, there are other different statues from different animated films and there are even paintings in some of the rooms.
The whole studio will probably make the biggest Pixar fan freak out in excitement.

Further along the studio, you get to see a huge open space with chairs and tables.
Currently, there are a ton of people that are inside the studio and many are eating their meal.
The cafeteria looks incredibly nice and the meals they serve look incredibly delicious.
We’re definitely under the impression that Pixar is making sure to keep their employees happy by having delicious food available.

Right outside the studio, we get to see the iconic giant lamp and ball.
From this angle, we definitely would have thought it to be a painting or something.
In any case, it’s also pretty cool to see the lamp can shine some light during the night.
Now, we’re just wondering the size of the light bulb of that giant lamp.

For the full video, you can click on the link below: