Video: Adult Cat Chases Kittens

Everyone has a pet or two, but sometimes we have to leave them in the house while doing some important chores.
In this case, we would probably ask our neighbors or a friend to look after our pets especially if our pets are young.
If your neighbor happens to be a cat and your pets are also kittens, then it's only natural for an adult cat to look after the kittens.
Michael, the cat neighbor, is probably going to have the wildest cat chase of his entire life. After all, these kittens can be quite troublesome to look after.

Michael wants to be a good neighbor and decides to look after the neighbor's kittens. Of course, Michael definitely thought that cat sitting these kittens would be easy.
Unfortunately, Michael doesn't get paid to look after these kittens and he's just doing this for the sake of being a good neighbor.
We would totally understand Michael's situation and we would definitely do the same if we were in his position.

As soon as Karen leaves, Michael receives one last reminder from Karen and the reminder came too late. In fact, one of the kittens managed to escape the house and do some shenanigans somewhere.
Since Michael wants to be a good neighbor, he naturally decided to go out and look for the missing kitten. Clearly, the cat sitting job would be challenging, but Michael probably expected this much.

Michael finally manages to find the missing kitten and boy does it look smug. In fact, the kitten is doing its best to escape capture from Michael.
Clearly, the kitten doesn't want to go home and just wants to play. Unfortunately for Michael, both kittens have managed to escape and the kittens are doing their best to make Michael's job a whole lot harder.
We can totally relate to Michael and we probably have out fair share of troublesome kids. Naturally, it's still Michael's responsibility to make sure that the kittens go home safe and sound.
Hopefully, Karen doesn't find out about the missing kittens and decides to make the situation even worse.

If you want to learn about Michael's commentary in the video, we suggest that you turn on the captions before watching.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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