Video: Amazing Blastoise Clay Sculpture

Pokemon has been around for quite some time and a lot of people really love the entire franchise.

It's only natural that you will find people creating fanart and other creations that are dedicated to Pokemon.

Squash Clay, a Youtuber, has been creating clay sculptures of Pokemon and his Pokemon statues are definitely amazing.

it isn't easy to create these statues and we're quite sure that Squash Clay had a ton of practice when making the statues.

As you guys can see, he first mixes several clays since he's trying to create the perfect color part for the statue.

It definitely looks simple and fun to do, but its probably a lot harder than it looks especially if you're a beginner.

After carefully preparing the clay, it's time to slowly assemble the parts of the figurine.

In this case, Squash Clay decided to make a Blastoise clay statue which is the next evolution of Wartortle.

You can see that Squash Clay decided to put as much details into these statues and it's really paying off.

Once everything has been put together, Squash clay decides to go beyond and add more details to the statue.

We can see him placing cannons on the shell of Blastoise and it just looks amazing to look at.

In the video, you can see Squash Clay's previous attempt at Blastoise and you will notice the huge improvements that he's made.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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