Video: Animators and Cartoonist Draw Nickelodeon Characters

We've all watched cartoons since we were kids and those cartoons inspired us to do many things.

If you could draw really well, would you be able to redraw your favorite show by memory?

Well, these animators, artists and cartoonists are going to face off each other.

They're going to be drawing some of our favorite cartoon characters from Nickelodeon.

Of course, they brought in Butch Hartman who is the creator of Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom and More.

Butch will also be participating in this draw off and we  can't wait to see his drawings.

We get to see Butch draw Doug which is an iconic Nickelodeon cartoon character.

Doug showed the kids what life of an early teenager was like and it was amazing.

We get to see very interesting characters in that show and others who had strange personalities.

Now, Butch seems to have his own style for Doug, but Kyra mostly got it right in our opinion.

Brent and Jason are going to draw Stimpy which is the fat red cat in the Ren and Stimpy show.

We remember Stumpy as that red fat cat with the blue nose and he was somewhat dumb.

Although Stimpy often does stupid things, we did find him quite likeable.

If you ask us, we prefer Stimpy compared to Ren since Ren was always angry at everything.

Hopefully, Brent and Jason can fully draw out Stimpy's character from their memory.

Kevin and Jackie are tasked to draw Wanda from the Fairly OddParents.

Since Fairly OddParents is Butch Hartman's creation, it is only right that he judge it.

Of course, the drawing style of both artists are completely different, but Butch likes how their drawings turned out.

We honestly adore Jackie's version of Wanda and Kevin's version reminds us of an old cartoon show.

In any case, you guys should definitely watch the draw off.

You can find a link to the video below:



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