Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises and it has many fans from all over the world.
It probably isn’t too shocking that you would see fan creations for the film from time to time.
However, someone decided to make an anime version of Star Wars and it looks convincing enough to be a TV show in Japan.

As you guys can tell, the art style looks like a painting that’s been brought to life and we totally like this style.
Darth Vader looks incredibly menacing during this iconic scene where he tries to forcefully invade into a ship.
It’s not easy to do this shot in animation and this definitely took a lot of time just to get this done properly.


As for the story, it’s not something new since it’s just a fan animation of the original Star Wars trilogy.
You’re probably familiar with the original Star Wars if you watched the movie a lot of times back then.
We definitely understand why they chose to do an animation of the original trilogy since a lot of people are very familiar with it.

The original Star Wars was already good enough but turning it into a Japanese style cartoon is definitely creative.
If we didn’t know that this was a fan made animation, we would definitely believe this to be an official Star Wars anime.
We just hope that the creators continue to do what they love and we hope many fans enjoy their works.

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