Video: Back To The Future Cast Reunited With Josh Gad

It's been a very long time since Back to the Future first appeared in cinemas and it's been an iconic movie ever since then.
While it's rare for movie cast to get together in one room, it's definitely possible for them to meet up online.
Since the Covid-19 has put the entire world on lockdown, a ton of people are definitely stuck at home and that includes celebrities.
Josh Gad decided to do a little online get together with the cast of Back To The Future and it's been an amazing experience for everyone.

If you're not familiar with Josh Gad, he's a celebrity best known for lending his voice to Olaf in the Frozen movie.
Josh Gad also played as Le Fou in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast.
Since Josh is a massive fan of Back to the Future, he decided to get the entire cast together into one online meeting.
After all, the technology today can easily let people see each other through the power of the internet.

Josh had to call Christopher Lloyd first since everybody knows him as Doctor Brown from the movie.
Christopher Lloyd has aged quite a bit since Back To The Future but he still looks as healthy as ever.
We're quite sure Christopher Lloyd is incredibly happy and excited to meet his old cast from Back to the Future.
Who can blame him? It's been a very long time since he saw everyone together and he's probably just as busy as the rest of the cast.

We then get to see Josh contact the rest of the cast and boy does everyone look great.
It's quite strange to see most of the cast members of Back To The Future in a single call, but it's definitely great to see a bunch of friends get together.
The meet up is just incredibly amazing and we bet a lot of fans are happy to see this type of thing even if it isn't another Back to the Future movie.
In any case, we got to thank Josh Gad for making this meet up possible and we would probably love to see more of this type of thing since it would definitely make fans happy.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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