Journey to the West is one of the most popular stories ever made since it talks about Tang Sanzang’s journey to collect the three scriptures.

As Tang Sanzang continues his journey, he eventually meets Sun Wukong who is known to be the Monkey King.

It’s no secret then that we have another take on that classic tale, but this time we get to experience it as a videogame.

The game is called Black Myth and it’s all about playing the untold legends of Sun Wukong.

The tale starts off with an old story teller telling us about Wukong’s legend.

The old story teller explains to us that the myths we know about Sun Wukong aren’t true and there’s more to the legend.

If you carefully look at the story teller, he actually looks a lot like a monkey and it’s highly likely that he is Sun Wukong.

Eventually, we are introduced to one of Sun Wukong’s adventure and we get to see more about the game.

The game isn’t complete yet but it already looks amazing and the visuals are incredibly gorgeous.

It’s like we’re actually reliving the legend of Sun Wukong as it plays out before our very eyes.

The video continues to show us more gameplay and the different characters that you will probably encounter in the game.

The combat gameplay and graphics are already mind blowing, but we’re quite excited to explore the world in this game.

If we can explore the world while riding the magic cloud, it would definitely be a treat for fans of the original myth.

We can’t wait to see more of this game, but there’s no information as to when Black Myth will come out.

For now, we just have to wait patiently and hope that the game will be completed as soon as possible.

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