Video: The Best Valentines Meal

Oh Valentine's day! It is the one day that we can express our love and affection to our family, friends and lovers.

If you haven't figured out what to give to your loved ones, why not impress them with your cooking skills?

Sure, you could buy them flowers, chocolates and take them out to eat but a hearty meal is just as good.

Luckily, the recipe of emmymadeinjapan doesn't look extremely difficult but it does require an oven, sausages, eggs and bacon.

The recipe requires the use of a sausage. You can use any type of sausage for this recipe.

However, you got to make sure that the sausage can form a heart shape.

It is Valentine's day after all, so we got to put signs of love in our cooking.

Emmy does recommend using a precooked sausage since it is faster to cook.

After preparing the sausages, it is time to wrap them up in good old bacon. Delicious!

Who doesn't love bacon? If your loved one doesn't love bacon, then you should probably skip on the bacon.

There is no use forcing someone to eat something that they don't like. It is Valentine's day and we should make them happy.

However, if you do decide to use the bacon, then the entire dish will look presentable and even more delicious.

Once you are done wrapping, you should start heating up your oven because you're going to be cooking the sausages very soon.

Of course, the meal wouldn't be complete without a couple of eggs.

In our opinion, it's really up to you as to how many eggs you want to use.

If you choose to follow Emmy's version from the video, then you definitely need to use at least three eggs.

Of course, you won't be cooking those eggs separately since you're going to be cooking them together in the oven.

Once the eggs are done cooking, you should definitely take them out of the oven and let it cool for a bit.

Now, it is up to you if you want to decorate your dish or if you want to serve it to your loved one right away.

In any case, we do hope that you enjoy your Valentine's day with this hearty dish.

If you don't have anyone to spend Valentine's day with, do not worry because this meal is definitely good comfort food.

We're glad that emmymadeinjapan made this video for Valentines day. It is tough to look for the perfect present on Valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

You can learn more about the specifics of the dish by watching the full video below:



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