Video: The Cat That Knows How to Fish and Swim

When we think about cats, we imagine them as fish eating animals that hate the water. In fact, most domestic cats hate water and they would probably get angry if you gave them a bath.
However, the Fishing Cat is a wild animal and it has learned to survive by fishing. Just like its name, it gets its food by fishing in the waters of the swamp.
Can you guys just imagine a cat that loves to swim into the water just to catch its food? We really can't but that what's makes these animals incredibly interesting.

As you guys can see, the Fishing Cat looks like any other type of cat. There's really nothing too extraordinary or different from it compared to domesticated cats.
However, you shouldn't be fooled by its looks since this cat is still a wild animal which is similar to lions and cheetahs.
Of course, the fishing cat is a smaller cat compared to lions and cheetahs but these cats are still considered wild. Since they're wild animals, you shouldn't really treat them similar to domesticated animals.
It also doesn't help that these cats are endangered animals. Since they're endangered, it's up to us humans to try and protect them from harm.

Unfortunately, these cats are losing their habitat because of humans as well. So, you shouldn't really be surprised if these cats try to steal some fish from you.
Of course, many of us probably wouldn't be able to recognize these cats as wild animals and we would probably treat them as domesticated cats.
It's perfectly understandable since this cat looks so cute and adorable even while it's out hunting for food.
In fact, we would probably only learn that these cats are wild animals if an expert is there to tell us.

Fortunately, the video pretty much tells us the distinct features of this cat and where it usually lives. If you're not from South Asia or Southeast Asia, you might not meet with these exotic creatures.
If you do meet one, you should probably contact your local authorities since these cats shouldn't really be turned into household pets.
Heck, the cat diving down underwater to catch some fish is amazing enough already. If you see a cat doing this, it's probably safe to say that the cat is either a wild animal or a strange cat.

For the full video, please click on the link below:



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