We’ve always dreamed about living in a mansion.

Heck! if it’s even possible, we would even wish we could own one within our lifetime.

Luckily, we get a chance to see one of the most luxurious mansions in New Zealand.

Honestly, we were quite shocked to see how nice and shiny the things inside are.

In fact, we even thought that the owner of the mansion would be royalty.

In reality, the owner is actually Kim Dotcom who is also the founder of Mega Upload.

If you thought that this was a living room, then you aren’t the only one who thought so.

We were even fooled that this was a living room and the center was a fountain of some sort.

We were shocked to learn that this was actually one of the bathrooms in the mansion.

You can see a bathtub at the center of the bathroom and it is surrounded by seats.

We are guessing that this area is where the party is usually being held.

We’re not really sure but what else are those seats used for, right?

Wow! It looks like the previous owner was quite the collector.

The display case is a nice little touch to the whole room but the doll is definitely creepy.

We’ve seen our fair share of horror movies and that doll seriously gives us the chills.

If you were living alone in this big mansion, you would definitely feel some shivers if you saw that doll as you enter the room.

Strangely, this room is actually the walk-in closet and it is very spacious.

In fact, we think that those mirrors actually make the walk-in closet even bigger than it appears.

Okay! So this door looks pretty ordinary right? It seems to lead to another room upstairs.

We would think that it would actually seem normal if this was an ordinary door.

Now, this door is actually located inside a closet door which is pretty strange if you ask me.

Well, it’s not really strange if the room upstairs was actually a panic room which it is.

If you have a huge palace mansion, you would definitely install some sort of panic room just in case.

Of course, the panic room has to be well hidden from the trespassers right?

It would be pretty pointless if the trespasser could easily figure out where the panic room is located.

We got to admit that the hidden doorway feels like something out of a movie and it is definitely cool.

Unfortunately, Kim Dotcom was still arrested by the New Zealand police while he was hiding in his panic room.

It would be fine if he hid there for a couple of days but the police managed to find him after an hours or so.

Well, it is the police and they have their means to find the people that they need to arrest.

Hopefully, the new owner can fully make use of the hidden panic room to its full potential.

You can watch the full video through the link below: