Video: Chef Cooks For 30 People Using One Pan

Chefs have it rough in the kitchen whenever they do service since they have to cook for a lot of people.

It's even more difficult and chaotic when the chefs have to cook different kinds of food for their customers.

Well, what if the chefs have it easy by doing batch cooking instead?

We think that the chef might find it easier but he might have to take some time to adjust to the new environment.

If you're going to cook for 30 people, you naturally have to use a big pan in order to cook a huge portion.

The chef here is using a Pentolo which is a huge pan that they use when they cook for a lot of people.

We got to admit that cooking on a huge pan isn't easy since you have to adjust the amount of ingredients you throw in the pan.

It is quite amazing to see someone cook with this huge pan. We even get to see the chef use a huge spoon so that he could mix the ingredients.

In every pasta dish, you need to have something to accompany it.

If you're cooking spaghetti, you would probably use meat and tomatoes for the dish.

Well, the chef opted to use mussels and he's going to mix it with tomatoes as well.

You could say that the theme for the dish is seafood pasta.

After throwing in the pasta and tomato sauce, the chef finishes cooking the huge portion of seafood pasta.

Of course, the portion he serves is quite generous and we think that everyone is going to be satisfied.

Now, we're curious and dying to know as to how he's going to clean this huge pan?

Unfortunately, the video doesn't show how the chef ends up cleaning the Pentolo.

If you guys want to watch the full video, you can check it out through the link below:



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