Video: How To Clean Your Burnt Pans and Pots

Cooking can be really exhausting once in a while. If you tried cooking a stew or soup, you might want to leave it by the stove to cook.

In those situations, it can be very boring to wait for it to finish cooking. Of course, there will be those times when we forget about it and it ends up becoming burnt.

If you experienced these situations, you will know that removing the burnt remains off of the pan or pot can be challenging.

Luckily, Jun from JunsKitchen has posted a video on how to clean those burnt pans and pots.

Jun loves cats and he always features his pet cats in his videos. We're not surprised to see one of his cats in this one.

As the cat is doing his or her own thing, Jun shows us the pot that he will be cleaning.

Yikes! That pot looks totally ruined and most of us would give up on trying to clean it.

Jun brings out a bag of baking soda. We're pretty skeptical if baking soda will do the trick here. I mean come on, just one ingredient?

The pot is totally burnt inside after all. The cat seems to be ready to leap into action but we're really not sure what it's planning to do.

I guess you can call it a magic trick because wow! The pot looks good as new or even better. We're sorry to have doubted the power of baking soda.

This just proves that baking soda is just too awesome! Just look at how shiny that pot is.

You can practically use that pot as a mirror right now.

Oh! It looks like the cat brought a friend to admire its own reflection.

If you want to learn more on the cleaning process, you can watch the full video below:




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