Comic-Con happened this week and we saw a lot of reveals about our favorite superheroes.

However, we’re forgetting about another super hero and that’s Super Conan.

Conan O’Brien is a comedian and TV host that has been going to Comic-Con for a few years now.

Conan’s superhero ego was born during one of his shows at Comic Con and fans loved it.

In this year’s Comic-con, Conan is looking for a nemesis and he just found the perfect candidate for the job.

Conan found Kristen Schaal to be his perfect supervillain nemesis.

It’s funny that Conan labels Kristen as evil incarnate when she’s so cheerful.

It definitely sends a completely different message than what anyone is expecting.

We hope Kristen Schaal gets into character and truly become Conan’s nemesis.

Of course, Kristen Schaal has to prepare herself to become the perfect super villain.

The first thing she needs is a supervillain costume and it requires  a lot of preparations.

Naturally, Conan decides to help Kristen by acting out as Conan.

The guys that are making Kristen’s costume will definitely find Conan’s presence helpful.

Finally, we get to see Kristen Schaal and Conan O’Brien duke it out on stage.

Of course, we can see all of Kristen’s powers in action and Super Conan doesn’t seem to be enjoying it.

Will Super Conan defeat his nemesis or will he fail miserably and think twice about being a super hero? We will never know.

If you guys want to watch the full video, you can check it out through the link below.