Conan O’Brien is a popular late night talk show hosts and he has a good sense of humor.
In fact, a lot of people don’t take his words seriously but he can do pretty surprising things.
However, we never expected Conan to actually have connections to game developers in the Video Game Industry.
In any case, Conan decided to visit Kojima Productions and check out the upcoming Death Stranding video game.

Conan is greeted with an unfamiliar place as he enters the hallway that leads to the offices.
If you guys are wondering about that statue at the end of the hallway, it’s actually Kojima Production’s mascot.
In any case, the hallway does look like something that came out of a movie and it’s definitely unique.
Of course, Conan is probably admiring the state for all we know but that’s Conan for you.

Conan finally meets Hideo Kojima and he gets to see Kojima’s personal office.
Of course, Conan gets to fool around with Kojima’s personal figurine collection.
Luckily, Conan doesn’t break anything and everything seems fine.
Eventually, Conan and Kojima discuss Death Stranding, which is Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game.

Conan gets a good view of the game thanks to Hideo Kojima’s personal explanation.
However, Conan is definitely surprise that Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro are in the game.
Conan’s shock is understandable since the two are famous celebrities that a lot of people know about.
However, Kojima offered to put Conan into the game and Conan was definitely excited.
Finally, we get to see Conan immortalized in Death Stranding which is incredibly cool.
We just hope that Conan does a clueless gamer episode for Death Stranding and he comments on his video game appearance.

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