Monster Hunter is a popular action series that is created by CAPCOM. In Monster Hunter, you take on a role of a hunter who hunts down these terrible monsters that are roaming the area.

We’ve reviewed Monster Hunter World in the past and it was definitely a game worth playing. While the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise won’t be out later in 2021, fans are busy creating some awesome fan-made animation about the game.

In this case, the video is about the Fatalis which is a powerful elder dragon that’s iconic in the Monster Hunter series.

In the game, the Fatalis is a very scary and terrifying black elder dragon and it’s definitely difficult to hunt down this dragon.

In the fan animation, the guys from NCHProductions have done an amazing job to make Fatalis look cute and harmless.

Of course, the Fatalis is still incredibly deadly but at least it isn’t as scary as the one in the game.

The best part of the video is the catchy music which speaks a lot of truth regarding the Fatalis.

It’s quite creative that they’re able to make a song using information about the Fatalis and we couldn’t help but chuckle whenever we listen to the song.

If you’ve hunted this ferocious creature, you would definitely agree that the song makes total sense and you would even enjoy it.

Of course, the Fatalis is still a fearsome dragon and you definitely don’t want it to get angry.

Otherwise, it will fly out to the sky and breath fire towards everything in its path. In short, you’re basically going to see the sky burn red because of the fire breath.

For the full video, you can click on the link below: