Video: Delicious Bacon Pizza Toast In Korea

We're big food lovers and we just love the smell of toast in the morning.

If you tell us to eat toast with bacon, we would definitely feel like we're in heaven.

Heck, we would even be happy to see bacon as a topping for pizza!

Well, Korea has Bacon Pizza Toast as a street food and it got us craving for a piece of that toast.

We do enjoy good toast but we haven't seen toast as fluffy as these.

They look incredibly soft and fluffy which make us want to bury out heads on it.

If you notice the spread on the toast, it isn't mayonnaise and we're not really sure as to the identity of this spread.

One thing is for sure, we're hopeful that the toast would turn out incredibly crunchy despite its fluffy looks.

Hopefully, we get to see more of the filling and the complete form of the bacon pizza toast.

When you pair toast with some other food, egg is always the natural companion to it.

We're not really surprised about this but we are instead surprised to see the hash brown that's next to the egg.

We're quite surprised to see a toast being accompanied with a whole hash brown.

Usually, we would eat the hash brown separately from the toast or something like that.

In any case, it does still look delicious and we can't wait to see the complete product.

Okay, that is one delicious looking sandwich right there and all it needs is that hash brown.

Oh wait! This isn't suppose to be a sandwich but a bacon pizza toast, right?

Well, we're not so sure anymore since it's looking awfully similar to a sandwich.

Honestly, we can't even call this a pizza since there's no toppings on top of the toast.

The absence of the any pizza topping actually makes this street food an oddly named sandwich.

Heck, the tomato sauce should be placed on top of the toast instead of it being inside the sandwich.

We just wish that the seller could have came up with a better name since it doesn't have anything to do with pizza.

Well if you're interested in watching the whole video, you can watch it through the link below:



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