Video: Detective Pikachu Casts Try To Guess Some Pokemons

The Detective Pikachu movie is hitting theaters within the week and everyone is excited to watch it.

Now, we wonder how well the cast of Detective Pikachu know about their Pokemon?

Well, IGN decided to interview the cast members, so that everyone can find out about it.

If you watched the anime, you would know that guessing the Pokemon based on their silhouette is quite fun.

Hopefully, the cast can recognize majority of the Pokemon that they have to identify.

It's probably going to be like a surprise pop quit but it's about Pokemon and not about school or work.

Ryan Reynolds gets to go first because he is the voice of Detective Pikachu and he is also Deadpool.

In the future, we will expect a Deadpool sequel that will focus Ryan's role as Detective Pikachu.

In any case, it would be impossible for Ryan Reynolds not to recognize the Pokemon that he is voicing, right?

If he couldn't recognize Pikachu, we're positive that it is probably a joke or he really doesn't have any clue.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds is always known to have a humorous side and it can often times be misinterpreted.

If you take his words seriously, you might not understand or even enjoy the jokes that he makes.

We definitely recommend that you just sit back and enjoy his performance.

The director of the film is next on the guessing game and he seems quite confident.

He must have done a lot of research about the world of Pokemon.

If he didn't do any research, he probably wouldn't be able to make any guess other than Pikachu.

However, we do think that Rob Letterman is a fan of Pokemon and he seems to know a lot about it.

Moving on, the Pokemon is Mr.Mime and any Pokemon fan would be able to recognize him immediately.

Of course, the Pokemon's image and name would be revealed eventually but where's the thrill in that?

Finally, we have Kathryn Newton who plays the as Lucy Stevens in the film.

We believe that she plays as the female lead for the film or someone close to Justice Smith's character.

It was quite surprising that Kathryn was able to guess a lot of Pokemons during the interview.

Heck, she even managed to recognize Psyduck who is a very confused psychic duck.

Psyduck may look adorable and even harmless, but Psyduck can be very dangerous if his powers aren't controlled.

It's good that the entire cast knows a lot about the Pokemon franchise and we expect the movie to be well received by everyone.

Detective Pikachu will be out on theaters on May 10, 2019.

We hope that you guys go watch the movie soon because it definitely looks fun and awesome to watch.

If you guys want to learn who won the game, you can check out the video through the link below:



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