It’s November and we’re only a month away before the season of Christmas finally arrives around the world.

Disney is known for their cartoon animations and they decided to celebrate Christmas early by releasing a short animation.

In these troubling times, it’s nice to be reminded about the importance of family and bonding with them.

The story begins with the grandmother recounting her childhood memories. It was when the grandmother was a child that she was able to experience the joys of Christmas.

It is also revealed that the grandmother received her Mickey Mouse stuff toy and it is clear that she really loved it.

Several years later, the grandmother is much older and she is celebrating Christmas with her grandchild.

As we can see, the grandmother is showing her grandchild how to make a Christmas Parol.

If you’re not familiar with a Christmas Parol, it is an ornamental lantern that is usually hung during Christmas.

In the Philippines, it is a tradition to make these Christmas Parols and hang it somewhere around the house.

As the years passed, the grandmother is too old to make these Christmas Parols.

The grandchild notices how her grandmother feels, so she decided to decorate the entire house with Christmas Parols.

We can see that the grandmother is happy to see this nice surprise and she even feels nostalgic.

It is always good to spend time with your family during the Holidays. It isn’t always about the presents that you give but sometimes it is about the bond that you share with them.

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