Video: Dog and Duckling are Best Buddies

Dogs have always been man's best friends and we wouldn't even think otherwise.

However, dogs can also have other good friends other than humans.

For example, they could be friends with other dogs, cats, turtles and more.

Of course, it's also possible for dogs to be friends with a duckling.

We just didn't expect the dog to be incredibly clingy and protective.

We can see that the duckling just hatched out of its egg.

Like most bird species, the duckling looks quite ugly at first glance.

We would probably give it a few days before it starts to grow some of its feathers.

In this state, the duckling is quite vulnerable and it will require a lot of warmth in order to survive.

Luckily, the pet owner knows what to do and leaves the duckling under the heat lamp.

While we're not too worried about the duckling, the Dachshund seems to be keeping a close eye on the guy.

We're not sure if the dog is just curious or if it just wants to be the duckling's guardian.

We definitely think it's quite adorable that the dog is looking out for the little duck during its childhood.

Hopefully, the dog won't freak out when the duckling eventually matures into a duck.

The duckling definitely looks up to the dog and even seeks protection from it.

Luckily, the Dachshund doesn't mind the duckling's behavior and it may seem to be enjoying it.

We're rooting for these two friends and we hope that they remain best buddies forever!

If you guys are interested in the video, you can click the link below:



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