Dogs are man’s best friend as they say, but how well can you trust your dog when it comes to food?
If your dog is properly trained, you probably wouldn’t worry about it eating the food on the table.
What about when you leave the room? Can you still trust your dogs or pets with your food?
Well, someone decided to put that to the test and it shows their dog trying its best not to eat the chicken.

It all starts with removing the chicken out of the oven. Who doesn’t love chicken? Dogs seems to love it a lot.
We probably can’t blame this dog if it couldn’t resist in taking a little bite of the chicken.
We’re just afraid that it might burn its tongue since the chicken just came out of the oven.
Hopefully. the owners properly trained their dog to behave and be patient whenever there is food around.

As soon as the chicken leaves the oven, the dog could immediately smell the delectable fragrant from the chicken.
Well, the dog was bound to smell it since its nose is incredibly sensitive. It’s probably not a good idea to hide any food from this dog.
After all, the dog might easily find it if it relies on its sense of smell.

The dog was bound to eat the chicken while the human was away. Of course, it did try its best to resist the urge and temptation to eat it.
Unfortunately, the chicken was just too tempting for the dog to resist eating it. If only he was trained better, he probably could have resisted eating the whole chicken.
If we had a dog like this, we probably would have laughed after seeing our dog eat the chicken sneakily like this.
Hopefully, the dog could do better next time and we hope the dog doesn’t get into too much trouble.

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