Video: Engineer Explains and Creates a Simple DC Motor

Science has greatly benefited us for a very long time ever since the discovery of electricity.
In our everyday lives, we would probably use a lot of appliances and gadgets that require electricity.
However, some of us are quite serious about the science that runs these appliances and gadgets.
Luckily, Electroboom, a Youtuber and Engineer, loves to explain scientific concepts and spread it around the internet.
For this video, we get to see him make a simple DC motor and he will also explain some concepts behind it.

Accidents tend to happen whenever you're doing experiments and safety is always important.
Luckily, Electroboom has experience with these things and he knows what to do whenever something bad happens.
Of course, we don't really recommend that you guys try out the same experiments unless you are accompanied by a trained professional.

Creating something isn't always easy and there are many things that can go wrong.
Whenever you fail, you shouldn't give up since science is always about trial and error.
If ever you do succeed, you will definitely be happy about the results.
Just take a look at Electroboom after he successfully created his dc motor.

The biggest part of Electroboom are his explanations toward scientific concepts.
Since many of us aren't really scientists or engineers, we don't really understand much about science.
Thankfully, Electroboom loves to explain about the concepts in the video and they are really very helpful.
Of course, there are some concepts that are too technical which will definitely be handy for students.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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