Fried rice is a really iconic Asian dish that many people around the world would cook at their homes.

It isn’t surprising then that the BBC created a video with a step by step guide in cooking this dish.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seem to agree with the cooking method and we now have some entertaining videos about fried rice.

As for this video, Epic Asian decided to show us the proper steps in cooking the fried rice.

When cooking the rice, it is always important to use a rice cooker since it was made to cook rice.
Epic Asian then explained to everyone that you can use a pot as a substitute if you don’t have a rice cooker at home.
If we were to choose how to cook the rice, we would definitely pick the rice cooker since it saves us a lot of trouble.

After choosing your method of cooking, the rice must be thoroughly washed before the cooking process can begin.
It is recommended to wash the rice at least three times before you start cooking it.

We’re not really sure why it needs to be washed three times, but you still need to wash it in order to remove the dust and excess starch in the rice.

After washing the rice, you can place the rice into the pot and add water to the rice. How much water should you add? You should only add water up to an inch of the finger.

After the rice is cooked, Epic Asian begins to cook the rest of the ingredients in a single pan.

It’s important that the rice is dry before adding it into the pan and the cooked rice should never be rinsed after it is cooked.

Once the fried rice is completed, we get to see a delicious looking dish that’s full of flavor and texture.
It definitely looks incredibly delicious and we can’t wait to cook one for ourselves.

For the full video, you can click on the link below: