Video: Frozen Crosswalk Musical With The Cast of Frozen 2

Broadway musicals are often performed inside a theater and it would usually be about classical plays.
However, James Corden decided to do a musical on the crosswalk and it's about Frozen.
It's definitely unusual, but James has always done these things and they're quite entertaining to watch.

Frozen is an animated movie that got everyone's attention and it was a massive hit everywhere.
Since Frozen 2 is almost near cinemas, James decided to do a crosswalk musical with the cast of the movie.
Luckily, the cast of the film are professional actors and they can easily perform a little musical.
Unfortunately for them, they're going to be performing in the middle of a crosswalk which might annoy a lot of people.

Before doing the musical, James decided to do some training since the place is filled with cars and accidents might happen as they perform.
However, we're not quite sure why James has to throw things at the cast members. We just hope no one got injured during this training session.
James probably has other training sessions, but this is probably one of the funniest we've seen so far.

After tons of preparation, the crosswalk musical is ready and everyone is excited.
We can see that the the costumes are made really well and the props are also quite good.
The songs being performed are just as good since the cast members are doing the singing.
While everything is entertaining, the cars waiting for the traffic light aren't that amused.
We just hope that no accidents happened when doing the musical.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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