Video: Funny Skit About Jaden Smith by Key & Peele

Jaden Smith is known as Will Smith's son and Dre Parker from the Karate Kid(2010).

We haven't heard much of Jaden ever since his acting role in the Karate Kid, but that doesn't stop Key & Peele from doings skits about him.

If you're wondering who Key & Peele are, they're basically two guys that do funny skits and sketches about anything.
For this video, the duo decided to run a funny skit about Jaden smith and how Jaden decides the movie role that he wants.

The skit starts out with Jaden Smith who is trying to call for his agent since he isn't really satisfied with the movie script.

As you guys can see, Jaden is still wearing his Karate Kid costume and it literally looks like a pajama at this point.
In this skit, Jaden is living a life of luxury since his dad is Will Smith. In reality, we're quite sure that the real Jaden doesn't live like this at all.

Jaden's agent quickly answers the phone and the two exchange some pleasantries.

As soon as the pleasantries are over, Jaden immediately complains about the movie script and he is looking for something real.

The agent immediately understands Jaden and gives him several movie roles that he might like.

Unfortunately, Jaden doesn't seem to be interested in any of the movie roles since it was too unreal. We can't help but laugh, since the Jaden in the skit is living under a life of luxury.

You can see that he has a huge house and he even has a butler who caters to his every needs. The video is incredibly funny and you would definitely appreciate it more if you watch it yourself.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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