Video: Is this Gamer's paradise?

If you're a true honest to goodness Gamer, you would agree that getting away from your computer even for one nano second is torture. Spending time socializing is a task that you often dread and would rather be sitting on your man cave playing that latest update Blizzard just patched.

But what if socializing and discovering a whole new world out there can be fun?

A hotel in Taiwan has answered all Gamer's wants and even need. This hotel was built for gamers with state of the art specs and even fast and reliable internet so that you're gaming won't have those nasty lags or delays that you often get in your own wifi.

download (1)

As you enter the hotel, you already get the feel that you are in a tournament. The lobby has computers lining up in case guests wants to do a mini tournament with a game of their (2)

But not only that, each room even has their own computer with the same specs as you see at the lobby. ALL ROOMS!

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But of course, being a hotel and all, you still get the basic stuff what you need in a hotel. Bed, shower, toilet, mini fridge and you know the works.

If you're not convince that this is definitely one awesome hotel, take a tour by watching the video below.



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