Parasite recently won several awards at the academy awards and everyone is going crazy over it. It just so happens that someone decided to build a model house based on the movie.
If you’re into making models, you would definitely know that it’s a very expensive and time consuming hobby.
However, you probably wouldn’t mind spending all that time and resources if you love your hobby just as much as this guy.
What this guy does is just amazing and we actually love the house models that he’s been making.

A bowl of plaster is being used to create the foundation, walls, and ceilings of the house. We’re no experts in model making but this is quite surprising for us.
However, it’s probably natural if you’re really into your hobbies. We guess people just like to make their models more realistic and well polished.
We just wonder if we could do the same thing if we want to get into model building ourselves. Then again, it’s probably better if we do things one step at a time and learn the basics .

Surprisingly, the model house is also equipped with electrical wiring. In other words, the model house has working lights inside it which makes it even more realistic.
The builder must really want to make the house model as realistic as possible if he went through all this trouble.
It’s definitely an amazing feature to the house model, but we wonder what other skills he managed to picked up because of his hobby.

As the house is nearly done, the builder decides to add in some walls and several wooden tiles to the floor. He uses glue to attach the tiles to the floor and it still does a good job compared to other adhesives.
Since it is a house model, he probably decided to go for a practical approach. After all, we don’t think glue is enough to keep the tiles attached to the floor.
We still have to admit that the model house is looking incredibly good. We bet that this guy is probably an architect in real life and he just likes making house models for fun.

After all that hard work and effort, the Parasite house model is finally done. It looks incredibly realistic and we would be convinced that this is actually a real house.
We can’t help but be impressed at the quality of this house model. We probably can’t imagine the amount of time it took to complete this entire house model.
If you enjoy these types of things, we suggest that you visit MonsterKook’s channel and watch more of his or her videos.

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