A broken wall or structure is bound to happen since materials don’t really last forever.
However, fixing a broken wall or structure might take time since not everyone has the skills and tools to fix it.
Of course, you could make a temporary fix until someone finally manages to fix the broken structure.
If you have a 3D pen, you might be able to fix the broken structure temporarily just like Sanago from South Korea.

The first agenda is to look for a structure that needs to be repaired in the city.
As you guys can see, Sanago is carrying a suitcase since the tools he needs can be incredibly heavy and bulky.
If you guys aren’t aware, the 3D pen requires some filament refills and Sanago carries these refills around with him.
While it can be annoying to carry these things around, it’s definitely worth it if Sanago can contribute something to his community.

Finally, we found the perfect canvass for Sanago’s temporary wall fix and you can tell that this has been damaged for some time now.
Although Sanago could have chosen any wall in his city, he wanted to do this one since it’s the first wall that he has ever fixed with his 3D pen.
For him, this broken wall holds some sentimental value for Sanago and he’s determined to do a good job since he now has better tools.

After preparing the 3D pen, we can finally see Sanago fix the broken wall by drawing on it.
It definitely sounds like something out of a cartoon or movie, but this is definitely real and it’s amazing that it can fix walls.
It’s definitely not easy to draw on the air and we can just imagine the amount of practice needed to become good at using the 3D pen.
In any case, the wall looks better compared to before and Sanago didn’t forget to put his signature for everyone to see.
Hopefully, the owner notices the temporary job and hires someone to finally fix the broken wall.

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