Video: Guy Makes Amazing Bamboo Baskets

Arts and crafts skills are amazing since it lets anyone make about anything that they want.
If the sun is too hot, we can just make a hat out of the wood in the environment.
You can probably also make other tools if you want since the possibilities are endless.
Now, someone decided to make a bamboo basket and it looks amazing.

It definitely doesn't look easy making these bamboo baskets since there are too many bamboo strips that you have to make and weave together.
We can just imagine the amount of time and effort it took to learn this skill. It's probably difficult to learn at first, but it will probably get easier if you keep on practicing.
From the looks of it, this guy is quite experienced and he probably knows the tricks to creating a bamboo basket efficiently.

We did mention that making bamboo baskets require a lot of bamboo strips, so it isn't surprising to see a ton of bamboo being cut thinly.
The bamboo needs to be sliced differently in order to make the bamboo basket. We're just surprised to see how thin these bamboo are sliced.
Of course, a knife is required to slice the bamboo and it is always important to be careful whenever you hold something sharp.
The last thing that anyone wants to see is someone getting injured because they were too careless when handling a blade.

Honestly, we're not sure why the bamboo basket has to be smoked but the process is interesting.
Once the smoking process is done, the bamboo basket now has a dark brown color.
If you noticed other bamboo items with a dark brown color, it might have also undergone some smoking process.
In any case, it's a nice solid color and it's definitely a work of art if you ask us.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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