Video: Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend in a Movie Theater

Marriage is a big step in life since it's the union between two people. It isn't easy to propose to someone you love.
It's an important process and making the best preparations is very important.
Well, someone uploaded a video of his marriage proposal and the guy is incredibly well-prepared.
The marriage proposal is quite heart warming and we can see the amount of effort it took to prepare the big proposal.

Proposing to someone isn't always easy and you might want some help with it. Of course, your parents are always there to help and support you.
Luckily for the guy, his parents seem cool to give him some words of wisdom and a bit of inspiration.
We just hope that he doesn't chicken out when he actually starts to propose. It would definitely take a lot of guts to pull it off.

It isn't easy talking to your partner's parents since they might be overprotective of their kids.
In this instance, Dom is having a chat with Giana's father and it doesn't end too well.
If you ask us, it looks like Giana's dad doesn't want his daughter to be married.
Of course, the video has tons of edit and they probably did this for some comedic effect.
If you do plan on marrying someone, you might want to make sure their parents are fine with the decision.

After preparing for so long, we finally get to see the marriage proposal playing out.
Everything seems normal and quite ordinary until the rest of the people leave the theater.
The movie theater definitely played a part in the marriage proposal and it's amazing how Giana doesn't notice a thing.
Finally, we get to see the most well-planned and romantic marriage proposal in quite some time.
Congrats to the couple!

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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