Video: Guy Slowly Becomes Stronger After Getting a Shot

As the world waits for the vaccine for the corona virus, we found a video that's pretty funny once you get injected with the vaccine.

It's pretty much a situation that's quite common when you're injected with a vaccine. You would definitely be worried about the possible side effects.

However, what if you transform into a different person as a side effect? What if you feel a lot stronger when you get injected?

While these things aren't actually possible, it's quite amusing to see someone completely change because they took a vaccine shot.

As you guys can see, the man looks perfectly fine since he just took the vaccine in Poland.

He doesn't seem to be feeling any immediate symptoms or side effects which is quite good already.
Hopefully, he won't have any crazy side effects from the vaccine.

After some time has passed, he guarantees everyone that there are no visible signs of side effects which is good new for us right?

Well, he seems to have a slight accent whenever he speaks English which is quite unusual if you think about it.

It's still good news for everyone and we can all rest easy knowing that the vaccine seems to be working.

Of course, things get weirder and we can see that the man already has a very thick Polish accent by now.

In fact, he even starts speaking in Polish and he tells us that the vaccine has made him incredibly strong.

We don't doubt his claims since he looks to be a totally different person when we first saw him.

Of course, this video really isn't real and you probably won't transform like this guy.

However, it's still quite funny and it helps encourage everyone to get the vaccine once it is available to the world.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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