We’ve seen people use makeup in movies, TV shows, and live performances. In fact, the makeup looks incredibly real and believable.
Lately, we even see people use makeup when they dress up during Halloween or when people decide to cosplay as their favorite characters.
Well, someone decided to use his makeup skills and transform himself into a real life zombie. It definitely looks awesome and cool!

Okay, everything looks normal and there’s no sign of him transforming into a zombie.
We definitely wouldn’t think that the guy can turn into a zombie at any given moment, right?
Unfortunately, we were very wrong and we get to see him slowly transform into a zombie.

As you guys can see, he’s building up the foundation of his zombie look by using his makeup kit.
We’re not makeup experts or specialists, so we definitely don’t know the techniques or equipment that he’s using.
However, we can appreciate the effort and hard work of this makeup artist. It’s definitely not easy to do all of this in a short amount of time.
In any case, we can’t wait for him to show us his masterpiece!

Oh! we can definitely see a lot more details of his zombie look and it’s terrifying.
It’s amazing how makeup can completely change the look of a person.
Honestly, we think that the guy could be a professional makeup artist for movies or TV shows.
Who know? Somebody might notice his talent and decide to hire him.

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