Talk shows have been on for years in the entertainment industry with the like of Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel. Each of these talk show host showcase their different talents but one thing in common is the word “comedy”.

However, there’s another talk show that’s one the rise and it is called the “Hot Ones” by First We Feast.

It’s a talk show where the host and guests both eat spicy wings with different spice levels.

The talk show can be very entertaining since you get to watch the reactions of the guests.

If you’re wondering why the host is a Lego toy, then don’t worry because this is a promotional video for the upcoming Lego Movie 2.

We assure you that the talk show is conducted by living humans and not by animated objects or toys.

Of course, we think that this is a really cool way to promote the upcoming Lego Movie sequel.

After all, a lot of people watch this talk show since it is quite entertaining and it makes you hungry.

Of course, the guess for this segment should also be a Lego. It just wouldn’t make sense if Lego Sean were to talk to a non-lego character.

As you can see, Queen Wa’nabi is going to be a new character that will appear in the Lego movie 2.

We’re not entirely sure what role she plays in the Lego movie 2. In any case, she does look like a mashup of several different lego parts.

She looks like a very interesting character and we’re also very interested to learn more about her in the upcoming Lego movie.

It’s awesome to see some of the props of the talk show turn into Lego.

We all thought that they would just end up turning the talk show into a Lego figure.

Now, we all want to buy a Lego set of the Hot Ones talk show.

There would definitely be a lot of people that would be interested in buying a set of Hot Ones Legos.

If you’re curious about those bottles, they are actually the hot sauces used to make the hot wings in the talk show.

It’s incredible that you get to see these things in Lego form.

It looks like Queen Wa’Nabi is starting to heat up after eating the spicier wings.

If she’s having a tough time with the wings, we can just imagine her reaction when she eats the spiciest one.

We just hope that she doesn’t blow up after eating too much spicy wings.

The Lego Movie 2 comes out on February 8, 2019.

If you want to watch the whole video, you can check it out below: