Jack Black has had an interesting week after the release of Jumanji. So, what does he do afterwards?
Well, he hanged out with Tony Hawk and Riley Hawk. The sudden meet up surprised many of us and it was awesome.
Since they met up, it’s only natural that they do a little bit of skateboarding and games.

Everyone agreed to meet up at Jack Black’s house and the meet up was quite straightforward.
Jack Black kept his cool and just gave a simple hug, handshake and greeting.
In reality, Jack Black was all nervous to meet up with Tony Hawk since Tony is considered a living legend.
We can’t blame Jack Black though since we would lose our cool if were in his place.

Jack Black isn’t known for his skills in skateboarding but he still tried to impress Tony Hawk.
Unfortunately, Jack Black fell down when he attempted his trick and it wasn’t funny at all.
In fact, Tony Hawk was more concerned if Jack Black injured himself.
It’s only natural for Tony to give off some safety advice since Skate boarding tricks tend to be dangerous.

At the end of the day, Jack Black was fine and everyone decided to go inside.
Instead of doing real skateboarding, they instead played some video games and had some few laughs.
We even thought that Tony and Riley had a great time. We would definitely like to see these guys hang out more often.
Just remember, safety is always important and you should always wear some safety gear when skateboarding.

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