The Shazam movie is out in cinemas and expectations are high.

We get to see James Corden invite Zachary Levi out into the Late Late show.

Like many other talk shows, the two probably talk about the movie and have a little skit together.

We never expected Zachary Levi to bring his Shazam powers from the movie out into the world of television.

We just hope that James Corden can handle the burden and responsibilities of becoming Shazam.

James Corden is only human and he definitely doesn’t have any powers.

Now, how is James going to turn into a super hero or Shazam for that matter?

Well, Zachary Levi managed to snag a magical artifact from the movie and it looks cool.

We’re not sure how Zachary transferred his Shazam powers into James but we hope everything works out fine.

James should probably start saying the magic word if he really wants super powers.

James Corden finally got his super powers but he doesn’t seem to know what they are.

Man, James looks ready to replace Zach Levi as Shazam because he definitely looks like a real superhero.

We did expect James to inherit all the powers of Shazam but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As you guys can see, James can’t tear off the paper with his bare hands which means he is much weaker than before.

In fact, James even realizes that he has become incredibly weak after obtaining the Shazam powers.

Of course, Zachary Levi decides to cheer James up and he even suggests that they perform other tests.

It is pretty painful to watch James doing physical activities but he is desperate to know what his superpowers are.

After several tests and other activities, James finally figures out his new superpower.

If you haven’t noticed what it is, James has the power to grow facial hair indefinitely.

James will keep growing facial hair as long as he keeps shouting Shazam.

Naturally, James would definitely be disappointed that his superpowers are actually very lame.

We definitely think that James’ powers are pretty lame and they don’t have any benefits during combat.

Of course, it is a nice little trick to have when you are at a party or at an event.

Don’t worry James, your powers may not be flashy, cool or something amazing but at least you get to cheer people up with your new look.

If you guys want to watch the whole video, you can check out the link below: