Video: Japanese Video Game Advertisement Sends Tons of Nostalgia

During the 90's, there's probably several TV shows and cartoons that we all love and know.
In Japan and many parts of the world, Dragon Ball is a hugely popular series to many people.
It's no surprise then that several video games have been made throughout the year.
However, the advertisement for the new Dragon Ball game screams tons of nostalgia.

It's been a long time since the anime first aired in our television sets.
As a result, many fans have already grown up and they consider the anime as part of their childhood.
If you're a fan and you just got a game, you would probably rush home in order to play it.
Well, this man in the video isn't in any rush but we're sure he's plenty excited to play the game.

As you guys can see, a Dragon Ball Z game will get many fans excited wherever you are in the world.
If it lets you relive your childhood, it's definitely going to bring a ton of nostalgia.
Since the feeling of nostalgia will be strong, you will definitely end up remembering good memories.
We just hope that the game doesn't disappoint the expectations of the fans.

It's also amazing that the advertisement showed us scenes that probably happened in our childhood.
When Dragon Ball Z first aired, we definitely remember doing these poses and let our imagination run wild.
In fact, we probably remembered several other kids who did this everyday and it probably annoyed many people.
The video definitely got us smiling and we would definitely play this game once it comes out.

For the full video, click on the link below:



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